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Smart solutions for sustainable homes

A combination of technologies, blue-green infrastructure, and plenty of greenery help keep the facility's energy needs to a minimum. Having its own energy sources and advanced energy management gives the residence partial energy self-sufficiency.

Energy savings and green energy sources
Plenty of greenery
Retention and infiltration tanks
Ponds and other bodies of water
Rainwater drainage
Automatic watering system
Supporting clean mobility

Heat pumps, solar panels and battery storage make enough energy to operate the common areas of the buildings, the garages, lighting, sauna and pond. Surplus energy from the battery storage will be able for households to use, helping residents to save on energy costs.

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The outside areas are filled with trees and other plants, giving the location a pleasant microclimate and encouraging biodiversity in insects and birds.

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The water retention system catches rainwater, reuses it efficiently, and naturally cools the area in the summer months.

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Water plays an essential role in creating a pleasant environment outdoors. Rainwater is caught and used to water the plants on the grounds.

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Rainwater landing on hard surfaces does not end up in the sewers, but drains into polders and tanks.

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A smart automatic watering system significantly cuts down on water use for watering plants.

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We see charging stations for electric cars as a standard service.

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Focus on energy security

Ensuring energy security doesn't just rely on the resources within the building, the residence will become part of the energy ecosystem of MAGUS EDH, which is building its own local systems and is thus able to ensure supply from renewable sources as well as from its own capacity.

Of course, the management and servicing of the equipment to ensure trouble-free operation and thus stability of supply.


Smart energy management

Each household will have real-time data in its  energy consumption via a smart mobile app. Other online solutions will facilitate, for example, communication with the community of owners (voting process, ordering, bulletin board) or sharing information between neighbours. It will also be possible to control the building access system via the app.

Supporting clean mobility

The area will include a number of places for shared bikes and scooters or a service point for bikes. The development also includes several charging points for electric vehicles and a self-service car wash.

Have a restful sleep

The security of the entire complex will be ensured by intelligent access control systems and camera security of entrances and gates with the highest level of personal data protection.