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Set out to sandstone rocks for breath-taking views and good food

The picturesque Mácha’s Region is just a stone’s throw from Brandýs. The best place for getting acquainted with the countryside full of sandcastle towns, picturesque chapels, wooden belfries and original pubs is the neighbourhood of Kokořín Mine. This time, you can leave your harness and ropes at home because you can set out on this trip easily even with small children.

If you love castles, you certainly must not omit to visit Kokořín Castle. The castle, which has served as a scene for, among others, the Princess with the Golden Star fairy tale, enchanted Karel Hynek Mácha and a number of painters in the past. However, you perhaps do not know that its today’s appearance comes from 1918. You can select a fast tour including a view from the tower or a longer historical tour.

The remains of Kokořín Castle were bought by entrepreneur Václav Špaček in 1894. His son Jan rebuilt it to its today’s appearance.

You can view the neighbourhood and the valley of the Kokořín Mine from the castle tower.

If you get hungry during your visit, set along the Pšovka River valley to one of the local atmospheric pubs. The iconic U Grobiána Pub, where The Rebels was filmed in 2001, offers a good Czech cuisine and delicious Podkováň beer.

You can set out for an afternoon walk in the rocks directly at the put along the yellow tourist mark, which will take you to the summit of the Hýtka rock wall. An easy trip past the St. George’s Church in Hradsko leads along romantic valleys and in quiet forests and offers several beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

If one day is not enough for you to explore this region, take a tent with you and spend the night in the Kokořín Car Camp situated in the adjacent valley. And one more quite an important thing: we do not recommend setting out on your journey on a Monday because a greater part of the refreshment businesses is closed on Mondays even during holidays.