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You can experience a day full of miracles in the Mirakulum Entertainment Park in Milovice.

Set out for a journey to a dreamy land of entertainment for the whole family. Both the smallest children and adults will get unforgettable experiences in the vast Mirakulum Park on the outskirts of Milovice. You can get here by car from Brandýs in less than half an hour and if the weather is fine, you can comfortably spend the whole day here, including, for instance, a family picnic.

Entertainment and education, a lot of activities and relaxation zones. Mirakulum is a place of fulfilled (not only children’s) wishes. You can enjoy a good portion of adrenalin on the giant swings and trampolines; you can test your sense of direction in the tricky hornbeam labyrinth; you can walk along a nature trail including a lot of interesting information and interactive features – this is just a fraction of the dozens of local attractions. No wonder that the park is quite busy at weekends (especially during holidays). Therefore, you will enjoy Mirakulum most at weekdays.

The dominating feature of the premises is definitely a castle with a lot of jungle gyms and a complex network of underground corridors. Therefore, do not forget to take your own torch, ideally a head lamp, to visit the area.

Besides the forest playground, there are also giant trampolines, rope centres and other playing elements attracting the visitors to explore them. Some of them are adapted to smallest children’s exploration.

As a matter of course, Mirakulum includes several restaurants and cafés serving excellent roasted coffee. However, you can also bring your own food and have a picnic on a blanket. There are even freely-accessible microwave ovens at several places.

Mainly the smallest children will appreciate the mini-zoo, where they can, among other things, visit the Dutch Dwarf Goats’ run, and the multi-coloured children’s village with a lot of jungle gyms and original hiding places. Diverse side events are prepared for selected days, for instance a theatre performance, magicians’ performances or the performance of a falconer with birds of prey.

If you want to vary your trip even more, you can try military tracked vehicle driving in the adjacent tank training area. Or you can move over to the wild horses’ and aurochs’ preserve. The two observation points near the Milovice railway station offer ideal conditions.